February 26, 2021

Artful portraits for creative souls. Fine Art Portraits for everyone and lifestyle branding images for artists, musicians, makers, and small brands. I love to celebrate individuality, good vibes, and delving into what makes you shine. We live in a visual and digital age. The way you represent yourself and/or your business can have a serious impact on potential clients and opportunities. The average person will spend 10-15 seconds viewing your website or social media profile before moving on – meaning you have literal seconds to make a strong impression. My job is to provide you with creative, unique portraits and imagery that will showcase YOU, the badass in charge! I offer a customized experience to create artistic portraits and creative content that will showcase your personality and what you are most passionate about.  I absolutely love the creative process and collaborating to bring your ideas to life! These can be shot in the great outdoors, inside your creative space, or in studio.