Family Stories

February 26, 2021

Portland Family Photographer. Family Sessions are based in play and connection. We’ll explore, play games, snuggle, and create new wonderful memories – kind of like a family date! Kids can be kids. (Really!) Your job is simply to enjoy each moment. These sessions are unique + tailored to fit your family. I carefully scout locations for incredible light and with your littles in mind. The Pacific Northwest has a wealth of beauty, and I love to bring families to epic locations that really embody all the PNW has to offer – open fields, mountains, and ocean beaches, just to name a few.

Prefer a cozier session at home? Or perhaps a stroll in the city is more your speed?  Let’s do it! Family sessions should reflect the essence of your family, as individuals and a unit. The imperfect and fleeting details of life are at the center of this time together – bare feet and nose-scrunches, sweet embraces and big ol’ toothy grins. Nothing overly posed or stuffy, just natural interactions, lots of smiles, and a glimpse into your beautiful life. You’ll come away with images that you’ll return to forever.