I am beyond excited for your upcoming

Storytelling Session! These sessions are

relaxed, affectionate and most importantly FUN! During our session we intentionally make the time to slow down a bit and truly enjoy the ones we are with... kind of like a family date. These sessions are about really connecting and making the time to say the words we may not always say, being silly, laughing, cuddling, exploring and playing together.

This session is a slice of time to just enjoy each other without any other distractions. It is my desire to create photographs that will transport you back to a moment otherwise gone, the way it felt and who you were when it was happening. I love to preserve these fleeting moments of childhood, to show that you were there too and that you lived and loved passionately.


The Process

what to wear

style guide

find a color palette that you love (look at the colors that are in your home decor) and choose outfits that compliment each other without looking to matchy-matchy. we want everyone to look unique and portray their individual style. Opt for neutrals with a few pops of color or a softer palette that has different ranges in tone of the same shades.

I want you to choose clothing that reflects who you are as a person and makes you feel beautiful and confident. We do a lot of moving and walking during sessions, clothing shouldn't be too tight or restrictive. Heels + flip flops usually aren't the best choice for our pnw locations...unless we're on the beach.

compliment + coordinate but don't get too matchy!

choose solid colors

or timeless prints that compliment your

skin tone.

colors found in nature can be a great guide. Please avoid bright orange, yellow, neons, characters (Disney, cartoons, etc.) and logos. These colors can cast color on skin which is difficult to correct. Clothing with loud patterns or characters are often distracting to the big picture.

Portland Family Photographer

Kids should be dressed like kids. Bare-feet are totally welcomed depending on location! No need to have them all dressed up in fancy clothing. They should be comfortable and able to easily move around and play! Don't forget to bring an extra outfit and/or jammies for after our session. Littles often get dirty or wet on our adventures!

Kids should be dressed like kids. barefeet

and comfy clothing

are encouraged!

Portland Family Photographer
Portland Family Photographer

For those that like to wear pants or shorts


Bring on the rings, necklaces and hats of all kinds. Knit scarves, blankets, and jackets in fun textures are great for layering as the sun goes down.

Wear with a v-neck or button-up in solid neautral colors: white, black, brown, blue, pale green and fitted shorts or pants. Layer with a cozy sweater or jacket with

some texture.


For those that prefer

a dress or skirt

These are by no means rules, and if you have more eclectic tastes and love lots of color I encourage you to put as much of your personality into your clothing as possible!

Long + flowy dresses help create a feeling of movement and emotion in your images. Don't go too tight or too short. I also recommend wearing your hair down for added impact in your images.


Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

favorite stores:

I love to help style, ask me for help

Your emotive storytelling session is wholly dedicated to capturing authentic moments between you and the ones you love. While capturing these moments and scrolling through them on a digital device is enjoyable, an image you can hold and trace your fingers over is a perfect touch to making memories that will last a lifetime. My professional print store offers a wide variety of products to choose from calendars to oversized wall art. Wherever you print, use a professional lab for best results.

your memories should live

in your hands + on your walls




Turn your favorite images into art for your walls & view them everyday. Beautifully made, frameless metal print on ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface (waterproof/weatherproof) with dyes infused into the surface. Your images will look magically luminescent.

Relive your memories with ease with this gorgeous family heirloom. These make unforgettable gifts & will be treasured, generation to generation. These Premium Albums are soft-bound, printed on high-end matte photo paper with thick lay flat pages.

For your wall, in a frame, to mail to your mom - these are a no brainer to get your photos off the computer and into your home. Buy in pack or individually. Printed on Professional photo paper, for the highest quality long-lasting print and colors that match the screen.

Portland Family Photographer

"This is what I like about photographs. They're proof that once,

even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect."

Portland Family Photographer